Werbung Gosebier

Delitzsch Schloss

GOSEANNA - Weekend

Taste the special of Leipzig - a Gose-beer !

Leipzig is not only a city of printing press, masses, and music, but is also known as Gosestadt, where the student Goethe drank the Gose, a Leipzig specialty beer. So it was said: The studios drank 2-20 gose-beers!

So we want to spoil our guests with a Gose beer and eventful days. On the evening of your arrival you can enjoy an unforgettable Gose snack with cheese and breadcrumbs in our hotel, a top-fermented, sour and slightly salty-tasting special beer, the Gose beer with the caraway liqueur.
If you enjoyed the Gose beer, we recommend the next day the "Gose hiking trail", or a visit to the Leipzig Zoo.
An unforgettable weekend.

3 Getaway days
2 Nights
+ Extensive breakfast buffet
+ 1 Bottle of “Rotkäppchensekt” champagne
+ Sweet treats
+ 3-course dinner with Greek hospitality in a near restaurant
+ Admission to the Panometer
+ Daily newspapers and magazines
+ Free parking in front of the hotel - if available
+ Event schedules, maps and information about Delitzsch, Leipzig and the region

You are welcome to extend your stay.

Prices per person
Double Room 79,50 EUR

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