The new sign of advertisement The sign of advertisement

Delitzsch - City of Towers

This advertising sign on the A14 announces Delitzsch to the public.
The new sign shows from left to right:

  • The Halle Tower,
  • The castle tower,
  • The Town Church,
  • The Wide Tower.

But Delitzsch is not only the "city of towers", but has many more sights to offer. A few of those sights are highlighted below.
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Baroque CastlBaroque Castle

The Baroque Castle

from the 14th century with the registry office and the museum, in which the life of the dowager duchesses of Saxe-Merseburg in the 17th and 18th centuries is portrayed. Special exhibitions are constantly on show.



1.4 km long by Delitzsch, with 2 gate towers: the Wide tower and the Halle tower;

Wide TowerWide Tower

Wide Tower

Built in 1396, it is part of the medieval fortifications. With a height of 46 meters, it is the second tallest building in the city. Between 1504-1890 it was the main office of a watchman.

Town ChurchTown Church

Town Church - Peter and Paul

A late-Gothic, three-nave church with 2 towers was first mentioned in 1325 and was completed in 1494 after 100 years of construction. A Gothic main altar with oil paintings, wall paintings inside the church and a group of statues on the outside, are worth a visit.

Town HallTown Hall

Town Hall

Built as a vault construction between 1474-1497 in the Gothic period. A magnificent late-classical façade was later added.

Schulze-MemorialSchulze Memorial


Kreuzgasse, memorial for Schulze-Delitzsch, the founder of the cooperative system, today's People's Banks;  > more <


Schulgasse, birthplace of lawyer Schulze, after the turn of the DDR-government the house was faithfully reconstructed by the Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall;